Tuskca Chewable Sugar Free Tablet Orange

Tuskca Chewable Sugar Free Tablet Orange

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Product Description

Information about Tuskca Chewable Sugar Free Tablet Orange

Tuskca Chewable Sugar- Free Tablet contains Calcium Citrate and Vitamin D3 as active ingredients.

- Scientifically proven to be a good source of calcium and vitamin D3

Key benefits/uses of Tuskca Chewable Sugar- Free Tablet:

- Calcium citrate has the highest absorption compared with other forms of calcium

- Provides strength to the bone

- Best and convenient on the go supplement for calcium

- Vitamin D- 3 helps body to absorb calcium and phosphorus

- Available in sugar- free formulation with orange flavor

Direction for use/Dosage:

- As directed by the physician


- Supplement for bones

Storage instructions:

- Store the formulation in cool and dry place

Safety information:

- Read the label carefully before use

- Do not exceed the recommended dose

- Keep out of the reach and sight of children

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